Black Forest house with moving wood chopper,mill wheel,music


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This Black Forest Cuckoo Clock in Black Forest House design with bell tower depicts a cheerful wanderer hiking in the forest. The housefront of wood is lovingly decorated with gables with little red shutters that are adorned with Edelweiß flowers, lattice windows with curtains, shutters and flowerboxes, and a stone wall depicted on the wood.  In front of the house there are pine trees, a goat, a water wheel, a basket with firewood and a wanderer with his backpack and walking stick.
The cuckoo opens the door at the full hour, “tweets”, and calls with Echo, telling the number of the hour. After the cuckoo call, one of the 12 alternating melodies plays, during which the wanderer lifts his walking stick and the water wheel turns to the music.
The clock has a manual night switch off, and also a light sensor to automatically turn off the cuckoo  and music sound when it is dark.

„Der Fröhliche Wanderer”
„Dr. Zhivago”
„Für Elise”
„He Was Beautiful”
„Home Sweet Home”
„Love Theme Of The Movie”
„Swan Lake”
„Sound Of Silence”
„The Entertainer”

The Quartz battery clockwork is run by three 1,5V Size C batteries

The clock comes in an original box with complete instructions.

Weight3 kg
Dimensions30 × 26 × 16 cm




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